Today, I decided to stop.I decided to stop writing in this chapter of my life. Maybe-one day, but not today, I will return and write some more. Writing in this chapter has my right hand and fingers cramped. I am in a state of confusion. The indention from the pen digging in my right middle finger is getting deeper and making my middle finger look ugly. It ain’t cute.

My laptop needs a rest from all of the ongoing google searches of why, how, when, and where. I don’t want my laptop wet anymore from the teardrops that have gently hit her stainless steal. I’ve silently shed tears and often laid my limp head on her cold steal chest too weak to look up. I only had strength to let tears flow with closed eyes only seeing the color black behind the lids of my eyes and feeling the wet tears and cold steal between my soft cheeks.

I was torn between my world and reality. I live in my head. I apologize. I am fixed I can not change. Don’t you see the sign? I am Aqua. My fluidity creates life. I only know how to be graceful and elegant. I think I’m beautiful in my world. My thoughts are perfect. My idealism are one of a kind & extraordinary. I oBLIGE you to Come Share My World, but my reality to you and for others was far fetched.

Perhaps, my world and chaos- the world in which you live, will one day collide. Creating a new earth with no space in between. Only paradisaical feelings. Creating heaven on earth. Experiencing only bliss.

Maybe my thoughts are distored and extreme in your reality.
Are my idealism and thoughts puerile? Is my blithe for you and others jejune? Is my world superficial? My ideas, visions ,daydreams,and fantasies in my head are they all too beautiful and too perfect to accept the chaos in which you live. Am I too perfect?

In a moment. Just give me a moment. I am torn. My eyes are still filled with tears. The thoughts and emotions– are overtaking me. My breathing is uncontrollable. They burn my eyes. I am frustrated and I can not stop the tears from flowing. I am Aqua, remember? Fluidity remains. I live in my head. Chaos is not my world.

I am an alien in your world- in your reality. Am I fictitious? So, are my imageries, ideas, fantasies, and thoughts to you-of you out of a mythology.

Word on the street, the myth is that Uranus and Saturn rule us. How can celestial super rulers become servants to what has been already conquered? We have already skipped and trotted upon planets. Saturn and Uranus were created by the Creator before our ancestors and our very eyes. We rearranged the stars.We entered dark places and black holes. We’ve befriend the Man on the Moon. We’ve traveled light years and ventured to galaxies unknown to man. Don’t you remember? Is this a reality in the stratosphere of my thoughts?

Your reality is so foreign to me. Let me think. Let me think my thoughts with Moonchild playing in the background. My thoughts are light years away. I created what I thought would be perfect, but your thoughts were otherwise.

For now, this story in this chapter will remain unfinished. Maybe one day, but not today, I will begin to write creating a new Genesis.

Jocelyn D. Jones


Time Well Spent

Wow! This journey has been amazing! The race is not given to the swift, but to the one who endures to the end! Feels so good to see my accomplishment at the finish line.  And all of the special people (friends, family, colleagues),  who were in the stands cheering, encouraging me, giving me water when I was thirsty, helping me— picking me up when I was weak— I’m humbled, grateful, and thankful  for your love.

To my Walden family (colleagues and teachers),

I love you and I thank you so much for the things you have done & contributed to my character, professionalism, and persona. You have been a beacon of life, enlightenment, love, and support.  The amount of support that I have received from this great institute is simply amazing it is almost unreal!! You have shared bits and of pieces of yourselves with me and I feel connected, so connected with you.  I am so grateful for that and I will never forget your investments in my life to make me a better and more beautiful me.  Times that I doubted my own ideals and thoughts, you were there with encouraging feedback and I am grateful for that in the most humble way.

Moreover, most importantly I am so thankful to the FATHER (my Agape) for being by my side this whole race. You have been an amazing Father encouraging, leading me, being my light in darkness, opening my eyes to knowledge and enlightenment, always holding me up even when I am falling.  You have favored me in ways that I cannot repay.  I am deeply moved by your majestic power—thank you!

The journey has just begun for me and as I continue to evolve as a woman, a sister, a daughter,  a teacher, an early childhood professional, an encourager, an advocate, a lover I will continue a servant and a long-life student. This is an important long-term goal. I never want to be in a position not to learn or think more highly than others because life is a classroom, a lab, and a space to receive thought and to give thought. I will always keep that in mind!

Things that I have Learned as a Walden Student


I have learned the value of supporting others. Having a support group is very valuable especially when you have a goal to accomplish. Team work is vital and I think I have worked with some great colleagues and instructors. We have all worked together to make learning as an adult learn worthwhile.  I have had instructors who have the most up standing moral and ethical standards and they empathize and support the student. Not making me feel like I am less than or belittling me. I have friends who are going back to school or are presently in school and they complain about their teachers so bad and they are somewhat discourage, but I encourage them to keep going. Partly, the discouragement is because of how the teachers treat them and how they disrespect the students by belittling and insulting them. It is very sad and as they tell me these stories, I am like wow…they are totally out of line. I share my stories of how empowered and cared for I am at Walden. The love and care that I have felt and received from the teachers is amazing.


How to be an Educator

My first course was with Dr. Dartt and I was impressed from the day I met her and would often speak highly of her among my colleagues.  We missed being in her classed. Dr. Dartt thank you for your love, encouragement, professionalism, and words of wisdom that you have expressed to me! As I have said before, you are a woman of virtue and I just thank you for showing me how to be an educator. I will carry your spirit  with me as I become an educator for adults.  Your guidance is genuine and your passion for education is displayed in such a massive way. Thank you for sharing so much of you with me and others.

I would like to Thank Dr. Stephens I thoroughly enjoyed your course it was very enlightening and I love your teaching style. Dr. Davenna Williams Thank you for your encouraging words and feedback I admire your passion for teaching and your guidance in thought. You are so encouraging and I thank you for your encouraging words. Thank you for exemplifying what a real educator is I have perfect examples and I thank you ladies for what you have invested in me!

Advocacy in Early Childhood

I learned the importance of advocacy in early childhood at Walden. I really received an in-depth understanding on being a voice.  I am an introverted person and I am usually in the background working and never really wanting to be in the spotlight. Many times, people urge or desire for me to be seen and acknowledged.  I can be shy at times.  As I learned more about advocating, I knew that this was more important than just a little bit and I challenged myself to be more vocal about situations and ideas in early childhood. I am passionate about cultural diversity and social justice, and about learning through play.  These are aspects of early childhood that I would like to focus on and advocate in these areas of ECE. I discovered more about myself as I continued in my studies at Walden University.  I am so glad that I was afforded the opportunity to be educated on such an important aspect of early childhood—-advocacy.

Please enjoy this Video:

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thank youWith LOVE

joce  pink

Jocelyn D Jones (Atlanta, Ga)




Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally


I have always been interested in these organizations and to take part in their mission and vision as well. The first organization that has been of interest to me is the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education.

The Waldorf organization is an early childhood organization and has a curriculum of its own. The origins of the International Waldorf Early Childhood Education was founded by Dr. Helmut von Kuegelgen and a circle of Waldorf kindergarten educators in 1969 in Stuttgart, Germany as the International Association of Waldorf Kindergartens. Now, 35 years later the Waldorf kindergarten movement is in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. In 2006, it became a non-profit organization in Chatou, France. This massive movement was renamed the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education because it included many different educational settings which are family childcares, child care, birth-to-three and parent-child work, in addition to kindergartens and pre-schools.

I like the Waldorf curriculum because it is very in touch with learning through play. It reminds me a lot of Montessori. When children play they play with natural material such as wood, cotton, yarn, and other natural textiles. The Waldorf curriculum It is based upon Anthroposophy which is a human oriented spiritual philosophy that reflects and speaks to the basic deep spiritual questions of humanity, to our basic artistic needs, to the need to relate to the world out of a scientific attitude of mind, and to the need to develop a relation to the world in complete freedom and based on completely individual judgments and decisions (Waldorf

“The Waldorf kindergarten teacher nurtures the children’s power of imagination by telling carefully selected stories and by encouraging free play. This free or fantasy play, in which children act out scenarios of their own creation, helps them to experience many aspects of life more deeply” (International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education, n.d.). This is very good for children sensory and it is very in tune with the earth and it is eco-friendly. Children engage in domestic, practical, and artistic activities the children can readily imitate (for example, baking, painting, gardening, and handicrafts), adapting the work to the changing seasons and festivals of the year (International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education, n.d.).

I would be interested in going through their training program. They do have jobs posted and they offer opportunities for training and enrolling your school in their program. A representative would come out and do a site visit, but you have to pay for the cost of the visit. I would be more interested in the training, but the job is in Brussels, Belgium and I do want to travel internationally. Yet, the job is an office assistant and I am not that interested in the job. Therefore, the training would suit me best.

The next organization is Association of Montessori International I have always been fond of the Montessori organization and its curriculum.  I have a good colleague who is a guide for the Montessori organization. The children are so engaged in learning and I love the way go about their daily tasks. They are very independent children. The founder of the Montessori schools was Dr. Maria Montessori.  She was an awesome woman in her day. She was the first female doctor in Italy. Alongside, she begin the Montessori movement to help disadvantage and poor working class families. She took care of the children while the parents were at work. Some of the children were special needs, poor, and struggling because their parents were in poor economic situations. “The concepts of the Montessori approach to education are elegant in their simplicity, yet based on sophisticated understandings of the relationship between human development, learning, and environment” (Association of Montessori International, n.d.). Montessori believed that children learned and organized information from the environment in which they are taught (Association of Montessori International).  I believe that Maria Montessori had a heart for children and change.

She has contribute greatly to the start of early childhood and much of her philosophy today I visible in every classroom in this country and in many others.  When you visit or work in a classroom with “little people” chairs we and other furniture we can thank Dr. Montessori for her contribution in helping us view the world as children and to accommodate their needs. Like the Waldorf, natural toys, utensils, plates, and other material is very earthy and natural. It is a very eco-friendly environment.  Dr. Montessori was a pioneer of change and this is a major reason why I like the Montessori schools.  As educators, we all fall in the likeness of Dr. Montessori and create change within our communities and environments of learning!   As I researched job opportunities, I found that there are many jobs available throughout the U.S. and in different countries. There are job here in Atlanta, Georgia, but you have to be a certified American Montessori Instructor. I would like to become an instructor for Montessori one day and this could be a future job for me.

The last organization is UNICEF is a global organization that works for the rights of children all over the globe. “Child rights begin with safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflict and traverse the life cycle: pre-natal care for healthy births, clean water and sanitation, health care and education” (UNICEF, n.d.). This organization has been in existence for 70 years and has done great work in their mission and effort for human rights. The UNICEF has job opportunities throughout the world and I would love to work for them it would be an honor. I saw a job that was geared in helping adolescences you have to have experience in social sciences. I am a sociology major and will have a master’s in early childhood. This would be a qualification they are looking at, but you have to have experience in a national or international level working in these areas of expertise.  Well, perhaps one day I will work for and manage something internationally! This is a great goal to look forward to .

Job opportunities

 Waldorf Training To become a Waldorf Teacher

By becoming a Waldorf early childhood educator, you are joining a global network of colleagues. There are nearly 2000 Waldorf kindergartens, home programs, child care centers and pre-schools in more than 60 countries around the world.

Waldorf early childhood training courses cultivate essential qualities for working with young children, such as

  • love and respect for each child as a unique individual
  • the ability to create warm, nurturing environments that serve the needs of the young child
  • skills in building collaborative relationships with parents and colleagues
  • a commitment to life-long self-development.

Training courses include the study of child development, artistic work, development of relevant skills, and opportunities to observe and practice in Waldorf early childhood classrooms. Waldorf early childhood training programs are based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights into the nature of the human being and his world view, known as anthroposophy.


European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education AISBL (ECSWE) 

Office Assistant
Job Location: Rue Du Trône 194, 1050 Brussels (Ixelles), Belgium
ECSWE (AISBL) is searching for an Office Assistant (part time, 10h / week)

The European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE) is an international non-profit Association under Belgian law. ECSWE comprises 25 national Waldorf Associations, representing over 700 schools in Europe. Our purpose is to strengthen and develop Steiner education in our member countries by active interest and mutual sharing of experience. ECSWE also actively advocates Steiner-Waldorf education in Brussels and is a member of the European Commission Working Group on schools.



  • General correspondence and managing the general office inbox.
  • Assist with arranging and preparing internal and external meetings
  • Assist with website updates and newsletter dissemination
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Making travel arrangements.
  • Follow-up expenses & invoices and make payments.


  • Excellent English (written & spoken) – French or Dutch knowledge is a strong asset to communicate with Belgian suppliers.
  • Strong MS Word, Excel & Outlook knowledge
  • Knowledge of WordPress and Mailchimp are an asset
  • Highly organised, hands on, proactive working style & attention to detail
  • Positive attitude, welcoming manner, diplomatic & service-minded


  • A total of 10 h weekly on 2-3 working days per week


Montessori Teaching opportunities

Huntley Hills Elementary and Montessori School Chamblee, GA

Great job opportunity to teach in a well-established (16 years!) public Montessori program.

Positions are open now for the 2016-2017 school year – apply soon!

Atlanta, GA. Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary.

Teach in a well-established Montessori program with strong school administration and community support for Montessori. Receive all benefits of being a teacher in the DeKalb County School System (e.g. health insurance, retirement system).

Teach in a Montessori program with a strong Montessori teaching community, and full range of Primary – Upper Elementary.

Work in a highly diverse school with strong community support.

Appropriate Montessori training. Teaching certificate or teaching degree (required for all public school teachers in GA.) Prior teaching experience.

Huntley Hills Elementary & Montessori School, 2112 Seaman Circle, Chamblee, GA 30341. Find us on the web:

Contact: Dr. Mia Ford, Principal, (770) 676-7402.




Adolescent Development Specialist,

Purpose of the Position

This Adolescent Development Specialist in Adolescent Development and Participation (ADAP) is the section’s focal point on field engagement and focuses on technical assistance and other support to Regional Offices (RO) and Country Offices (CO). This support includes resource mobilization, capacity building and knowledge management.

Qualifications of Successful Candidate

  • An advanced degree in social sciences with a technical focus in the areas of education, human rights, and/or international development.
  • At least eight years of solid relevant work experience at the national and international levels in programme planning, management, monitoring and evaluation in a related field (adolescent or youth development, gender and development, child protection, education), with emphasis on working for and with young people, programme guidance, technical support, networking and partnerships.
  • Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of a second UN language (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish) is considered an asset.

Competencies of Successful Candidate

        Core Values 

  • Commitment
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Integrity

Core Competencies

  • Communication – Level III
  • Working with people – Level III
  • Drive for results – Level IIIFunctional Competencies
  • Relating and networking – Level III
  • Deciding and initiating action – Level III
  • Applying Technical Expertise – Level III
  • Creating and Innovating – Level II
  • Planning and Organizing –Level III


Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level

This week has been an exciting week of sharing and collaborating with my colleagues. I have really enjoyed everyone’s feedback and ideas in developing my communities of practice.  It was so positively overwhelming to see colleagues caring about my challenge in our Capstone and taking time out to do research for my community of practice.  This blog will further my resources for my challenge and community of practice.  My challenge is to create programs within early childhood settings that will promote positive self-image to minority children for successful academic success.

This week’s blog I am continuing on my quest to find valuable resources and share them with you! I community of practice as well.  Please feel free to share your insight, ideas, and feedback to this blog!

The Algebra Project (AP)- The Algebra Project is a non-profit organization that uses mathematics as an organizing tool to ensure quality public school education for every child in America. We believe that every child has a right to a quality education to succeed in this technology-based society and to exercise full citizenship. We achieve this by using best educational research and practices, and building coalitions to create systemic changes (The Algebra Project, n.d.).

This would be a great organization to add to my challenge and community of practice. I am intrigued by the way they teach course using a civil rights method created by the civil rights activist, David Dennis, Sr. AP combines lessons learned in the Civil Rights work with methods developed by university researchers, developing a system of support with local constituents. By working in an “organizing mode,” after the Civil Rights’ leader, Ella Baker (The Algebra Project, n.d.). I think this is a unique way of learning mathematics and it also helps to bring history in the area of mathematics. Last week I added political organizations geared to civil rights movement for minorities. This organization really gave reference to my ideal and decision in my CoP resources from last week.

Currently, they do not have any job openings, but they have volunteer jobs.  Volunteer work is still important and it looks great on your resume’.

They are looking for

  • Help staff identify grants
  • Help compile and review resources such as national and local news, research, policies and events.

I would like to take part in this volunteer opportunity and will look further into it. Website:


YouthBuild- YouthBuild programs provide those pathways. All over the world they unleash the positive energy of low-income young people to rebuild their communities and their lives, breaking the cycle of poverty with a commitment to work, education, family, and community (Youth Build, n.d.). YouthBuild would be a wonderful addition to my CoP because students who suffer low self-esteem experience hardships and these hardships affect the children’s parents. Many parent’s are stressed from low wages and other negative issues that affect parenting or access to resources that provide adequate livelihood. YouthBuild certainly has a place in my CoP! Resources that help to promote better living is very necessary for my challenge and CoP. I believe that Youth Build would provide these resources for better living through their programs and resources for low income families.

YouthBuild does have a job opening called Culture that caught my eye. This position allows you to be creative and promote cultural inclusion through events and activities such as free doughnuts and bagal Fridays! I love to plan events and outreach this would be an ideal job for me! A degree in the social science field is preferred!


The Center of Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)- Is another great organization that I can add to my CoP. Maintaining an healthy lifestyle is vital for children and families.  This organization provides resources and literature about maintain healthy growth and development for children.  You can find a lot of information about disease prevention, early childhood development, product recall, and national or globe health news and reports. This organization is very vital to my CoP because all children deserve a healthy lifestyle and parents need to be informed and given resource to maintain their children’s health and their health as well.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a grants management specialist position. I always wanted to work at the CDC, but I am not in the science field. There is a lot of opportunities in available for microbiologist, Dentistry, and other sciences.  This job stuck out to me because I want to learn how to grant write and perhaps when I take a grant writer course I can write grants for the CDC. The CDC is like 15 mins away from my house! Can’t beat a short commute for work!



Exploring Roles in the ECE Community: Local and State Levels

Early Childhood Organizations and Communities of Practice

As an early childhood educator, it is important to connect with other like-minded individuals who believe in the same moral and ethical beliefs in early childhood education.  I am amazed at the number of organizations that represent early childhood and the education field as a whole.

One day, I hope to create my own organization to contribute to the EC field.  At this time, I am a part of National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) and a part of Walden University Early Childhood Organization (WUECO) Group on Facebook. These organizations and others have greatly influenced my professionalism.  I have receive so much information and resources to improve my professionalism and academia. I am very grateful for all the resources that I have obtained while I have been at Walden University.

National Black Child Development Institute

The NBCDI is an national organization “NBCDI supports and works primarily with Black children birth through age eight and their families, through coalition building with community-based organizations, foundations, corporations, school systems, elected officials, government, child care, Head Start and many other public and private partnerships”(National Black Child Development Institute, n.d., parg. 2).

I am a part of the local chapter in Atlanta. I consider this organization as my local organization that appeals to me.  This organization has served the Atlanta area and young minorities in the early childhood field for a number of years.

Bright From the Start Georgia Department of Early Care & Learning

The next organization that I am familiar with is a local organization called, Bright From the Start Georgia Department of Early Care & Learning.

Bright From the Start Georgia Department of Early Care & Learning (Bright from the Start) is responsible for meeting the child care & early education needs of Georgia’s children & their families. Bright From the Start is responsible for monitoring visits at childcare centers and family in-home care. They also promote community training for early childhood educators. I chose this organization because they have incentive and scholarships for early childhood educators who want to further their education. This year after April I will be able to get rewarded the largest incentive that they offer! I am very excited about that, indeed!

Smart Start Georgia

The next organization is Smart Start Georgia. The Early Childhood Division of United Way Metro Atlanta. Smart Start’s vision is that every child in Georgia will start kindergarten ready to succeed. Through innovative programs & outreach initiatives, Smart Start is working to improve the quality of early care & education for all children ages birth through five, promoting lifetime learning, & ensuring greater achievement throughout the child’s education & beyond.

I choose this organization because I am familiar with United Way Metro Atlanta. Over many decades, United Way has been very beneficial to the communities in Atlanta and the whole state of Georgia. It is a reputable organization. I like that they have programs for early childhood programs that help children to achieve academic success and healthy development. Alongside, I like the programs that they have such as “Born Learing” which helps parents, caregivers, and early childhood programs free materials to promote early learning and development.


Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities that correlate with my academic and professional experience.

I did a search on the web and went to to search for job within social services and early childhood field.

The first job that I encountered was with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta. The position was an Enrollment Specialist. The job responsibilities were to  provide high-level customer service throughout the effective implementation of the volunteer and child enrollment and matching process in accordance with the Big Brothers Big Sisters brand, and volunteer options.

The Big Brothers  Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta required a minimum of a Bachlor’s degree in sociology. I have a sociology and worked with several ages group from infants to 13 year old children and families. You must be customer service friendly, be able to use MSOffice, market and sale, and interpersonal savvy- work with people from all walks of life.  I have 16 years of experience with working with children and families from all walks of life.


The second job opportunity that sparked interest was the The Agape Youth & Family Center. The position is a Program Coordinator for Senior Citizens. The Program Coordinator position works with RAGTime, a year-round program offered at Agape to senior citizens in the Bolton Road community.  The purpose of the program is to offer educational and informative programming that will enrich the lives of seniors.  To apply for this job you must have a Bachelor’s degree in education, social work, and related field. I have a sociology degree and that is closely related to this field.







Supporting One Another: Giving Thanks!


Wow! It is all too crazy…I cannot believe our eight weeks is over. My— how fast time flies!  During these eight week and my overall journey here at Walden has been wonderful! I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student at Walden University.  It has been a tough journey— late nights and early, early mornings, but I am continuing to keep going on until I reach my goal. The goal that my colleagues and I both seek — graduation day! How exciting that will be! Yes! 

Having a support team of colleagues is so vital to help you along the way and professors too!  I am so grateful to have such a large support group of people around me to help me though the hard times. I am truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people and kind hearts.  I mean I have meet some really wonderful cohorts and I am so glad that I did! The first class that I had at Walden was so powerful. I was so honored to be among such wonderful women and supportive women. 

We really bonded I MEAN bonded and shared so very heart to heart moments in our discussion! We are still close today Olympia Hamlor, Jennifer Guiney, Briceda Perez, Angela Cunningham and others. Dr. Dartt was our teacher and she was simply amazing! I was so impressed and she was so supportive. I talked to her on the phone and she was just so sweet.  In this class, Dr. Davina Williams is awesome too! I love her feedback and support that she give to her students and she is very sweet!

I have to say that Olympia and Jennifer are two women that I call my friend.  I don’t care how late I call Olympia she is always there! I am so grateful for you and our amazing friendship Olympia (getting teary eyed) Jennifer we have such an amazing connection as well!  You are so inspirational and I am so happy to call you my friend! I am so proud of your accomplishments! I am in awe of both of you! I am so proud of all of us and how we have grown—together!

The whole experience is just awesome! The connections are awesome! I am so grateful for these ladies’ support you mean so much to me and everyone who has contribute to my post and response thank you for your unconditional support, understanding, and care!

I wish all my colleagues the best as they continue their journey to fulfill their purpose in life and live their dreams! I pray that they prosper and everything that their heart’s desire will come to fruition.


contact information:
cupcake thanks


The adjourning stages in the latter part of working with groups are bittersweet. It is always a relief that the project is over, but it is at the end stages that we reflection upon.  Did we accomplish what we were set out to do? What did we do wrong? How could I improve my participation working with peers? Did my contribution impact someone or the group? These are question that I we often ask ourselves.  The relationships that are created in groups are interesting and some are good others may not be that great. Yet, there is always a lesson to learn because interacting with others you learn about your strengths, weakness, and how you socially interact with others in a scholastic or business setting.

Consider the adjourning phase for several of the groups in which you have been involved.

I remember when I worked at a clothing store called, Ashley Stewart, I worked with a group of great women and they really embraced me. My supervisors were awesome Ms. Janie and Juanita they really loved me and it was a joy working with them. I enjoyed it, but my love was with children. I made the best out of working while I was there.

Anyways, we had a challenge because employees in the past were stealing money and clothing. So, as a team, we had to bring the store back up to part in our sales.  We worked very hard in selling and making our store appealing for the customers.  As a group, we came up with ideas and had specialist from the corporate office to give us marketing ideas, group “huddles” and other strategies to help make our store better than the best.  We worked hard and we grew very close as employees.  Well, we worked so hard our store was the second store in our district to be a million dollar store! We were so excited when we heard the news from corporate.  Miss Janie cried because she went through so much within the past six months before I started.  Her job was at risk many times, but it seemed as though her troubles were over as the head manager of the store.  Miss Janie decided that she would take us all out to dinner to celebrate our success.  It was really a great thing to celebrate because we worked hard and supported each other in such a positive way.  Something that had been missing for quite some time honest teamwork.

Think about which aspects of the groups made for the hardest good-bye. Are high-performing groups hardest to leave?  In the midst of me working with my team at Ashley Stewart, I still longed for working with children and I put in a work application at KinderCare Learning.  I eventually told everyone a week after our celebration when I got the job. It was very sad and everyone was sad about it. They gave going away gifts and cards. It was a sad, but great celebration.

Groups with the clearest established norms?

Groups with the clearest norms are great leadership giving the group home and encouragement, cooperation from every group member and everyone contributing to the project.  Also, positive attitudes and nonviolent talks.

Which of the groups that you participated in was hardest to leave? Why? The hardest group that I participated in was leaving college and my lifetime friends because I truly found wonderful relationships and friendships leaving my alma mater was so hard.  I had a lot of great memories and really developed my independence and developed my self-identity as a young black young adult.  It was truly life changing.

What sorts of closing rituals have you experienced or wish you had experienced? I have experienced going away parties, dinner parties, cards, balloons, verbal praises, and a lot of positive verbiage and actions. I really had great experiences working with great people and groups.

How do you imagine that you will adjourn from the group of colleagues you have formed while working on your master’s degree in this program? Oh, wow! I have met so many great people and have gotten close to so many people.  Olympia Hamlor, Jennifer Guiney, and others have been so inspirational to me. They have encouraged me in times of doubt and stress when obtaining my master’s degree. I am so thankful for them and others who I have grown close to and new colleagues I’ve met so far.

Why is adjourning an essential stage of teamwork? I believe that adjourning is a type of closure and closure is very important. It is a time of reflection and looking over the whole process “the big picture” and reviewing what you have learned so far.  That is what adjourning mean to me.